Want to become a Hungry Rider Partner?

Read this guide and find information about everything you need to know as a Hungry Rider! After reading this guide, you are ready to partner up with us and deliver delicious take away from restaurants to our Hungry customers. 

The guide will teach you about following things:

How To Start

There is only a few requirements to become a Hungry Rider:

  • You’ll need a bicycle, scooter or car

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have a valid work and residence permit for Denmark

  • Have an iPhone 4s (or newer) or an Android Phone 4.2 (or newer)

  • DVFA permit for food delivery (Read more about this later in the guide)

Required documents:

The documents are easy to acquire if you follow the guides. 

Got it? That's all you need to get started as a Hungry Rider.

You will need these documents to upload in the sign up form. 



Scheduling and earnings

Deliver in the evening, a few hours for lunch - In fact just when you want. As a Hungry Rider you decide your own working hours and you have great flexibility. 

Being a Hungry Rider provides you with a great amount of flexibility. We give you the opportunity to combine being a Hungry Rider with whatever you find important in your life. You have a huge impact on your schedule since you can choose the shifts that you wan't to cover. 

However the flexibility that we provide you with comes with responsibility. In case we can rely on you, you can enjoy the flexibility of being a Hungry Rider to the fullest.


In case you are sick, you must report this in our Rider app, so we are able to find new riders who can cover the shift schedule. If you want to swap your shift away, you can choose to swap it through the app (Read more about our Hungry Rider app: Roadrunner later in this guide).


So, how does the scheduling work?


We will publish shifts every week and then you can go into our Hungry Rider app and take the shifts that you prefer, we have shifts both at lunchtime and during evenings.


And what about my earnings? 

The most important thing for Hungry is that our customers receive the best possible service, as this means that they will keep ordering from us. Therefore, our payment structure is organized according to this. This means that there is both a guaranteed and variable payment. The guaranteed payment gives you a guarantee that you will receive payment regardless of the number of orders. The variable payment ensures that you are motivated to deliver orders in an efficient and service-minded way to our Hungry customers. 


However, the guaranteed pay is currently DKK 75 per hour, and then you receive DKK 25 on top per. order you deliver. This means that even if you only deliver 1 order in one hour, you get an hourly pay of DKK 100. The norm, however, is that you deliver between 2-3 orders per hour, thus the standard pay is DKK 125-150 per hour. Therefore, if you want to optimize your earnings, it just requires that you accept all the orders you receive in our Rider app. The pay will change occasionally and you will be notified when that happens.

The above payment involves that you always drive in your Hungry Rider gear and accept all orders through the Rider app. 


You are automatically paid monthly by our automated payment system. The earning period runs from the 21th - 20th every month and you will receive your payment on the last weekday of every month.


The Tools

As a Hungry Rider Partner you will need to learn how to use our Rider app. 
Getting comfortable with our Rider App is important - so take time to get to know all the functions of it


The Hungry Rider App (Roadrunner)


Our Hungry Rider App is called Roadrunner and is a complete tool for Riders to easily find, accept and complete delivery tasks. 

You will receive the login details by us when you have signed your Rider contract. 




The Gear

All Hungry Riders receive gear to deliver orders, mainly food and drinks, from restaurants to the customers. 

The gear that we provide you with will continuously develop and improve and the gear items we provide you with might change over time. However, the gear you always will receive and are expected to wear during every single shift are: 

Hungry Rider gear: 

  • Hungry delivery bag for warm and cold food
  • Hungry Jacket
  • Hungry t-shirt
  • Hungry Bike Helmet (If your delivering by bike) 

One of the most important aspects as a Hungry Rider is to deliver the order as close as possible to the same as when it left the restaurant, regarding temperature and packaging.

Therefore it is important to know how the delivery bag works.

The delivery bag

  • The delivery bag should always go with you to the restaurant and the customer when picking up and delivering orders
  • Always pack all the food in the delivery bag
  • Do not mix hot food with cold items (E.g. don't put cold drinks with the warm food)
  • Pack all items responsibly and make sure it looks the same as when you left the restaurant
  • Take good care of every single order

Remember this and become a great Rider.


Your own gear

There is also a few things about your own gear... 
You must make sure you have this (depending on your mode of transportation):



  • Waterproof phoneholder (To ensure safety on the road - also in rain) 
  • Powerbank (To ensure your battery doesn't die) 
  • Headset (this is a safe and easy way to use your navigation system when on the road)
  • And since it is dark outside in the evening, remember lights for your bike, so you won’t get a penatly from the police 


  • Phone holder (To ensure safety on the road - safety first)
  • Charger and USB-adapter (So your battery doesn’t die and a adapter to plug in your phone in the car)

Summarise: You need this gear before going online:

  • A fully charged phone, phone charger and powerbank
  • A clean delivery bag (Should always be clean) 
  • Hungry branded gear. The Hungry Rider gear seperates us from the rest and makes it easier for the restaurants as well as the customers to recognize you. So it is very important that you remember this!


When working as a Hungry Rider you are our ‘face in the field’ and therefore general appearance matters when representing Hungry. You must always dress accordingly and have good appearance, which means: 

  • Wear your Hungry gear 
  • Wear presentable pants
  • Remember good hygiene
  • Do not wear dirty and ragged clothes
  • Do not wear any clothes showing political or religious messages



Now let's go through the delivery cycle step by step: 

  1. Customer places an order
  2. You go to the restaurant
  3. Pick up the food 
  4. Deliver it to the customer
  5. Repeat

Sounds easy right? 

Let's break the delivery cycle down to smaller pieces... 

It all starts with the customer placing an order at our Hungry platform. 

In case you work and you are the most suited Rider the order will be assigned or dispatched to you. If you receive the order, accept this as quick as possible through our Rider app called Roadrunner and drive to the restaurant. 

The navigation system on your phone will guide you to the restaurant. Before entering the restaurant please remember your facemask and hand sanitizer.

When you enter the restaurant you introduce yourself and the order number, which you can see on the Rider app. Once you have doubled checked and picked up the delivery, you drive to the customer and deliver the food. When you have handed in the food to the customer, you are ready for your next delivery. Well done, the only thing that’s left now is to repeat!


Be aware of double orders

Be aware that it is possible that you are asked to pick up two or more orders at the same time, before delivering them to customers. Keep in mind to simply execute the next step showing in your Rider app and then everything will be in perfectly order!


Communication With Support


Communication is always key. Also between Hungry and Hungry Riders. There are two ways of communicating with Hungry:


Through our Rider chat - when you are on the road:


As soon as you are attending your shift, you are able to contact our support team in Roadrunner by the in app chat.


You can contact them if something prevents you from delivering your order and you need help. For example in case you have had an accident, you have vehicle issues or a customer doesn’t open the door. Make sure to be precise when messaging them, then they can answer you as quick as possible.


E-mail - Non urgent:

This is your primary way of contacting Hungry - whenever you are not online making deliveries. Any questions can be answered by mail e.g. questions about payment, contract etc. Our e-mail is [email protected]


You will receive weekly newsletters and important information on your email. Make sure to check your inbox often. And make sure you have provided the right email to us. 



Rider FAQ - Most Common Problems


Working as a Hungry Rider can be busy and since we all are humans, mistakes will happen. But we will learn from them.


Here is a list of the most common mistakes and problems our riders faces:


What do I do if the customer notices something is missing?

First of all: Be polite and apologise for the inconvenience to the customer. Tell the customer that they can reach the Hungry Customer through the Hungry app and that the Support team will take care of it. Otherwise, always make sure to double check the items that you are picking up, pay close attention to fx missing drinks or dip sauces.


What do I do, if the customer does not accept the order? 

Always be polite and apologise for the inconvenience to the customer. Be humble and tell the customer that they can reach the Hungry Customer Service by phone or through the Hungry app. They will take care of it. 


What do I do, if I spill the food in the delivery bag? 

Contact the Support team immediately. Do not deliver any order if the packing has failed (doesn’t matter if it’s your or the restaurants fail). Due to hygiene reasons we do never deliver food with broken packing. 


What do I do, if I can’t find the customer or the restaurant? 

First of all, check your location in the app. Are you near the right location? Are there special instructions in the task? If you still can not find the location contact the Support by phone. The longer time being lost, the colder the food gets. 


What if I got into an accident?

Depending on the seriousness of the accident call emergency and if possible our support team. 


What should I do if the restaurant is late with the food? 

First of all, ask the restaurant staff politely when the food will be ready. In the meantime please write to the support team in the chat and let them know how long time it will take for the restaurant to make the food ready. The support team will decide if you have to wait, or if you have to go to another customer and if the order should be assigned to another rider. 


What if I can't reach the customer? 

First of all, try to call the customer. If the customer still doesn't answer contact the support team immediately through the in app chat and the support team will try to reach the customer. The support team will decide if you have to wait or if you can continue to the next waiting task.


Hungry Golden Rules 

To make sure that we can deliver all our orders on time and in a smooth way, we have three golden rules that represent our Hungry Rider culture. 

  1. We take pride in what we do

  2. Flexibility comes with responsibility

  3. We deliver!

The first one is that we take pride in what we do, so keep in mind that you are a true delivery hero for our customers. Our customers and our company will rely on you and we expect you to be a Hungry ambassador, which means that we expect that you always attend your scheduled shifts, you start your shifts on time and you always wear your Hungry Rider gear when you are on the road. The Hungry Rider gear seperates us from the rest and makes it easier for the restaurants as well as the customers to recognize you.


The second golden rule is that flexibility comes with responsibility. Being a Hungry Rider provides you with a lot of flexibility, since you can combine it with whatever is important in your life. However the flexibility that we provides comes with responsibility. In case we can rely on you, you can enjoy the flexibility of being a Hungry Rider to the fullest.


And then the third and last golden rule is that we deliver. That is what we do everytime we work. We deliver. One important rule when working is that you deliver all orders that you receive during your shift. 


Strictly Forbidden

Here at Hungry we of course respect our customer privacy, which is why some things are strictly forbidden. Many of the points listed below are of course common sense, but we have to mention them, so there is no doubt at all. 

  • First of all it is strictly forbidden to contact any customer at any point after completing the delivery 

  • It is also forbidden to enter a customers’ apartment or house without permission 

  • It is forbidden to send text messages or call the customer after completing the delivery

  • Furthermore it is strictly forbidden to store any numbers, names or addresses 

  • Make sure not to be rude or get in to an argument with customers or restaurant staff 


Important Must-dos

Last but not least there are some important steps required to be fulfilled. 


Work/Residence Permits

You have to be a danish citizen or have a valid work- and residence permit to work as a Hungry Rider in Denmark. You can see the requirements below and it is your responsibility to make sure, that you have the right documents in order. In case you are in doubt, please follow the links listed below, to find more information. You will need to upload different information in the sign up process depending on your nationality.

Working Holiday Visa: 

  • Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from foreigners under the Working Holiday Scheme due to a legislation from the Danish Government.
    A foreign national who from now on is granted a residence permit under the Working Holiday Scheme may only carry out salaried work in Denmark, and only in accordance with the conditions of the relevant Working Holiday Scheme. You can find more info here:

Citizen outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland:  

Citizen from EU/EEA or Swiss Citizens: 

Danish Citizen:

  • We will ask you to upload these documents (or photos hereof) when applying to become a Hungry Rider: 




You have to have a DVFA permit to transport food. It is really simply to apply and receive. Click on the link below to register - see the DVFA application guide, if you need guidance in applying. This is very important, so you won't get a fine from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. 


Guide: how to apply for DVFA permit


Apply for DVFA permit




As a Hungry Rider you are working on a freelancer contract, which means that you are partnering up with us here at Hungry. If you earn more than 50.000 DKK in gross payments within 12 months, you will have to be VAT registered. If you want to register your own company, it's easy to do it online. Click on the link below and have your NemID ready.

Register your own company


Information about taxes


Our administration will make sure to report your Rider pay to the danish taxsystem. You will get your full Rider pay paid out every month and then the taxsystem will send you an invoice in your e-box, where you can pay your tax right away. 


We recommend for you to check for more information.